OLDENBURGinc was born as an outlet for the business and creative interests of Greg Oldenburg who has worked his entire career in design and marketing. Working with corporate clients, design companies, architects and fabricators of all varieties, he has led and guided projects with some the largest companies in Canada and around the world.Born and raised in Sudbury, now living in Toronto - Greg’s desire to problem solve and push the creative process has led him back to his hometown to develop The Brewer Lofts and bring forward this new concept for the city and residents.



Tribury Construction is Northern Ontario’s premier construction management firm with over $350 million of work completed since 1995. Through the use of modern reporting software, unparalleled experience and loyalty of valued vendors and trades, Tribury has contributed to countless private and public projects.Through ingenuity, curiousity and unique insights of the construction practice, Tribury knows the meaning of quality, budgets and completion dates. As the market leader in green construction, Tribury brings their thinking and innovation to everything they do.



Innovative and Adventurous. Progressive and Resourceful. Creative and Provocative.aA believes in the intensity and vitality of cities: each of our buildings and public spaces is a conscious act of city-building. Through each project we articulate a compelling and appropriate response to context, and an urbane response to density that enriches the public realm and the experience of city life.



In addition to those noted here, OLDENBURGinc. has assembled a five-star group of consultants and vendors to participate and contribute to the project.With a focus on local procurement and the selection of highly skilled advisors ranging from structural and acoustic engineering to legal and accounting advice, The Brewer Lofts and its owners and residents will be in good hands in these early stages and through the years to come.